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Advanced Font Catalog  Advanced Font Catalog 1.20
Do you have font files strewn across different media? Need help organizing them? Use Advanced Font Catalog with Explorer-like interface to catalog the font files on your drives: hard drives (including network drives), optical disks, Zip and Jaz disks, and other media. You can add comments to each font file, folder, and disk, and you can search for font files by the font name, copyright, file name, or your own comments.

Advanced File Organizer  Advanced File Organizer 2.61
Advanced File Organizer is a powerful yet easy-to-use cataloging utility that helps you find any file stored on a removable media or on your hard drive in a matter of seconds. This utility organizes files and folders into a hierarchical tree (by location or by subject categories), lets you view archive files as ordinary folders, add searchable comments to files and folders, features powerful search capabilities and a built-in reporting tool.

Smart CD Catalog Standard  Smart CD Catalog Standard 1.10
Still having troubles organizing your discs? Smart CD Catalog will help you organize your personal database with all your discs in it, saving time and effort and solving the problem of organizing your discs! Smart CD Catalog offers powerful search features. With Smart CD Catalog, you can quickly and easily find the necessary disc, folder or file and view the contents of your discs without inserting them into the CD drive!

InfoLayout  InfoLayout 1.5.1
InfoLayout helps you to organize and maintain a collection of CD-ROMs, hard disks, and any other media. Scans RAR and ZIP archives, retrieves descriptions from description files. Allows you to add to and edit descriptions of any catalog item. Hierarchical categories structure. Optimal copying files from multiple disks. Very flexible reports generation. Supports URL containment in catalog along with scanned files info and more...
catalog, catalogue, cd-rom, cd, zip, rar, mp3, tags, search, categories,

Cresotech Hotpancake (Editor)  Cresotech Hotpancake (Editor) 2.0
A software package that allows you to create, store and replay multimedia collections. Do you need to make a virtual storybook of your family? To collect professional presentations? To convert scattered files into an organized database? It is easy! Cresotech Hotpancake helps to put in order any data stored in your computer. Music, video, graphical images, or texts ? access exactly what you need in no time at all!
collection, collections, image, picture, photo, mp3, music, audio, hotpancake, cresotech,

ListMaker2006  ListMaker2006 3.00
ListMaker creates list of files or other input strings for example from multiple CD set for later time easi search and opening of files, It also convert some more popular graphic file formats like bmp gif jpg png tif and emf. Support for OLE and drag and drop files is implemented as well as lot of commands to manipulate your list. Enjoy!
list, lists, file, files, set, cd, convert, format, .bmp, jpg,

  WoodenNet 2.00
WoodenNet is a simple database software used to manage all the Wooden Product of your company. Including Timbers. Plywood Broad, Flooring, Doors, Hand Rails, Furniture, and Wooden Crafts, It will generate Catalogue, Wooden library, Product detail sheet and Booklet. The catalogue can send through email or save to CD Rom. Unlike other catalogue software, the graphic catalogue generate by WoodenNet can't be changed or altered by recipients.
import, export, trading, agent, buying, office, factory, manufacturer, importer, exporter,

Disclib  Disclib 2.0.50
Disclib is a CD collection organizer program. It may be used as a catalogue of CDs. After creating the catalogue, disclib stores file and folder names and tree, allows user to categorize folders and files, and allows searching all the files from the collection CDs without need to place them in CD reader. Disclib may place in the catalogue any windows folder not only folders on CDs. Disclib has a customizable Multilanguage functionality.
collection, media collection, catalogue, catalog, organize, organizer, cd, dvd, mp3, mp3 info,

QualityNet  QualityNet 2.18
QualityNet is a simple database software used to manage all the quality control, quality assurance, audit analysis and factory evaluation report for your company. Chinese / English Bilingual interface, more applicable for multi-national company with China operation.
freeware, garment software, import, export, trading, agent, buying, office,

ManpowerNet  ManpowerNet 2.18
ManpowerNet is a human resources software used to keep the personal record of employee and job applicant. Which is used to analysis or locating the best person for your job.
freeware, garment software, import, export, trading, agent, buying, office, factory, manufacturer,

Advanced File Organizer  Advanced File Organizer 3.01
Advanced File Organizer is a cataloguer for your data collection on CDs, DVDs, Memory Stick cards, hard drives, network drives etc. You can add searchable comments for files and folders, combine disks and folders into groups and sort your data by categories and subcategories using Drag'n'Drop. As a result you get your catalog of files and folders sorted and optimized for convenient browsing, quick and powerful search and making reports.
disk catalog, file organizer, cataloguer, organizer, mp3 organizer, file catalog, disk, catalog, catalogue, disk catalogue,

10-Strike SearchMyDiscs  10-Strike SearchMyDiscs 3.5
Catalog your disks. Create CD/DVD database and search needed files and disks easily. SearchMyDiscs helps you maintaining big collections of CD and DVD disks and other file resources (local and network folders). Browse and search for files, photographs, and folders on the disks of your collection without getting the disks from their cases, loading them into your computer, and having to view the disks one by one.
catalogue, catalog, search, disk, disc, find, file, cd, dvd, organize,

BillsNet  BillsNet 2.28
BillsNet is a simple database to issue all the pro forma, debit note, receipt, sales invoice for your company. It will generate invoices, packing list, and a monthly sales report.
freeware, garment software, import, export, trading, agent, buying, office,

LuggagetNet  LuggagetNet 2.18
A Product Catalogue software for small size company in Bags, Luggage,Travel Goods, Trolley?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ????? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ???? ? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?? ?? ??? ???????? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ????? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ???? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
freeware, garment software, import, export, trading, agent, buying, office,

PropertyNet  PropertyNet 2.18
PropertyNet is a simple database software for small size property agency, real estate agent, property sales agent. It maintain all the property detail information for offer
freeware, free software download, garment software, import, export, trading, agent, buying,

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